Rapid Development Of Polycarbonate In A Number Of Areas

When plastic came into people's lives, all kinds of plastic materials has become focus of concern, and polycarbonate plastic raw material as a, with a variety of excellent performances, has been well developed in many fields and applications.

Nowadays, polycarbonate, with its unique high transmittance, high refractive index, high impact resistance, size stability and easy processing characteristics, occupies a very important position in the field. Uses optical-grade polycarbonate optical lens making not only can be used for cameras, microscopes, telescopes and optical test instruments, and so on, can also be used for movie projector lens, copier lens and infrared auto focus lens on the projector lens, laser beam printers, and a variety of prisms, mirrors, and many other areas of office equipment and home appliances, its application is extremely broad. Polycarbonate optical lens is another important field of application is as a children's glasses, sunglasses and safety goggles and glasses lens material for adults. World consumption of polycarbonate glasses industry average annual growth rate has been maintained at above 20%, and showed great vitality of the market.