Multiwall Corrugated Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets

Product Details


Multi-wall Corrugated roofing PC Wave Sheet: 

1)100% geniune Bayer material 

2)Light transmission rate: 85~90% 

3)99% UV inhibited 

4)long life time

Twin wall Corrugated Polycarbonate sheet 

Thickness : 8mm,10mm 

Width : 1050mm in maximum 

Length : 11800mm in maximum 

Color : clear ,green ,blue ,bronze ,opal ,gray


Products Feature:

Profile : more than 15 profile available

Texture : smooth ,embossed

1. Light transmission: up to 85%--90%

2. Weather resistance: it has 50 micron UV protective layer. 

It can prevent the sheet from harmful ultraviolet ray and absorb more than 99% ultraviolet ray to 

provide a stable effect on the photosynthesis of plants 

3. Impact resistance: it is hardly broken, its impact strength is 10 times of the ordinary and 2 times 

if toughened glass. 

4. Temperature property: In the temperature from -40+120,the product will not deform 

5. Light weight: it is light, easy to handle and drill, convenient for construction and procession.