2wall Polycarbonate Sheet With UV Protection Layer

2wall Polycarbonate Sheet With UV Protection Layer
Product Details

PC Hollow Sheet/Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet/PC Twin-wall Sheet/Polycarbonate Twin-wall Sheet/PC Double-wall Sheet/Polycarbonate Double-wall Sheet/Daylighting/Polycarbonate Roofing/PC Roofing


PC raw material sheet
1) Thickness: 4-30mm
2) Width: 2,100mm
3) Length: no limit.

4) Colors: clear, lake blue etc


Translucent/Adiabatic Silvery/Red/Yellow/Black/Diffuse White/othe Color of Diffuse Plane/All Color of Glittering 

Haining Chiancess plastic Co., LTD provides a 10 year limited warranty for polycarbonate corrugated sheet. The material will not break due to hail impact and will not have loss of light transmission and excessive yellowing due to weathering.

Features of PC raw material sheet 

1) Good light transmission: Reaches 12%- 88% depend on color and thickness.
2) Impact resistance: 250-300 times that of ordinary glass and 20-30 times that of acrylic sheeting
3) Weather resistance: -40oC ~+120oC
4) Flame resistance: Rated class B1
5) Light weight and easy installation: 1/2 of glass of the same thickness
6) Ultraviolet resistance: With UV protective layer
7) Sound and heat proof
8) Fine plasticity, either cold bending or hot bending

Applications of PC raw material sheet 

1) Unusual decorations, corridors and pavilions in gardens and recreational and rest places;
2) Interior and exterior decorations of commercial buildings, and curtain walls of the modern urban buildings;
3) The transparent containers, front wind shields of motorcycles, airplanes, trains, ships, vehicles, motor boats, sub marines;
4) Telephone booths, street name plates and sign boards;
5) Instrument and war industries - windscreens, army shields
6) Walls, roofs, windows, screens and other high quality indoor decoration materials;
7) Sound insulation shields on express ways and city overhead highways;

8) Agriculture greenhouses and sheds;